Mini Pro OTDR OFT-50S/40S

Mini Pro OTDR OFT-50S/40S

OTDR Reflectometer SM 1310nm/1550nm 24dB/22dB with OPM OLS VFL...

Palm OTDR(Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) OFT-60

Palm OTDR(Optical Time-Domain

The OFT-60 Series OTDR,which meet the needs on the wide range of measu...

Pro MINI OTDR OFT-70S 1310/1550nm 24/22dB Fiber Optic Reflectometer Touch Screen VFL OLS OPM

Pro MINI OTDR OFT-70S 1310/155

OTDR Fiber Optic Reflectometer:Touch Screen,with the functions of VFL,...