Pen Type Visual Fault Locator VFL-250(5mW) with Standard 2.5mm Universal Adapter

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Ideal tool for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracing, fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks. It finds breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables; and it can find faults in an OTDR dead zone and is used for end-to-end visual fiber identification.

Visual Fault Locator is used for locating broken point in fibers.
Visual Fault Locator is equipped with a 650-nm visible laser diode,can be operated in continuous or pulse modes for clear noticeable results.
One green LED indicator shows the operating mode.
Power switch on the end for battery on / off.
Push button operate CW / Mod. (2.5 Hz frequency) / pause.
Clip pocket-size pen design; 1.25 mm adapter optional.
VFL-250-------- 650nm, 5mW,Detecion Distance < 6 Km.
Power Supply: 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

Maintenance in telecom, CATV
Test Lab of optical fibers
Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks
Other fiber optic measurements

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